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How to pay for the services you receive

Choosing to receive Direct Payments to pay for support services and social care can be a positive way of gaining independence and allow for greater choice.  You also have a choice of how you can receive this payment and these are:

  • You can open a bank account yourself.  This account should have no other money going in or out of it and it should be in the name of the person receiving the Direct Payments. (This is known as a self managed account)
  • You can ask someone you trust to open a bank account on your behalf, this person would be called your nominated person.  This account should have no other money going in or out of it. (This is also known as a self managed account)
  • You can choose a provider to provide you with a supported account service, you will normally have to pay for this service. (This is known as a supported account)

If you have set up a self managed account you will need to let our direct payment team know the name of the bank, the account number and the sort code so they can send your money to the account.

The direct payments team will also send you out information on how to monitor the account and what information you will need to send them, things like receipts, timesheets and invoices.  This information is normally needed every four weeks and sent with the receipts to our Direct Payment team.  This can be done using email or post.

It is important to remember that whichever way you decide to receive your Direct Payments, you are still responsible for this money and how it is spent.

Managing your own bank account

Things to consider:

  • You make your own payments from your own bank account, for example, you sign your own cheques
  • The people you pay will see the name of your bank account on their bank statement or cheque
  • It is obvious you are in control of your money
  • You might get interest on your money (this will depend on your bank)
  • You need to keep records of what you spend and you will need to complete monitoring forms regularly for us – Equal Lives can offer information and advice to get you started with this
  • You can check how much you have in your account by contacting your bank
  • You are responsible for checking the information on your account is right
  • You are responsible for all transactions on your account
  • You can access your money to release it instantly

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