Transition between children's and adult health services

Young people with life limiting conditions

Together for short lives is a charity that offers transition support for young people with life limiting or life-threatening conditions. It sets out key standards and goals across healthcare, social care, education, work and housing.

Transition planning for these young people may need to acknowledge that their condition may deteriorate, and they may require end of life care.

Some young people will have access to specialist paediatric nursing services, home support and residential respite services such as The Squirrels or support from Quidenham Hospice (EACH).

Many of these young people will get NHS continuing care and will be eligible for NHS continuing healthcare for adults.

It is very important that health and social care planning for young people with life limiting conditions begins early. Wherever possible children’s and adult health services should overlap. This is to ensure that the transition is as smooth as possible, with new staff gaining experience from existing staff.

For example, young people can remain at Quidenham Hospice (EACH) until they are 19-years-old, but can also access Mill Lodge when they are 18-years-old. This gives the young person and staff a year to complete a successful transition.

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