Social worker

Social workers tend to specialise in either adult or children's services.

A social worker’s role includes:

  • Providing assistance and advice to keep families together
  • Working in children's homes
  • Managing adoption and foster care processes
  • Working with children with disabilities
  • Providing support to younger people leaving care
  • Providing support to younger people who are at risk or in trouble with the law
  • Helping children who have problems at school
  • Helping children who are facing difficulties brought on by illness in the family

What is a social worker’s role around children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND)?

  • Informing us of any children who they think may have SEND
  • Ensuring that schools have a contact for seeking social work advice on children who may have SEND
  • Coordinating social services advice for any statutory assessments, transition reviews and annual reviews as appropriate
  • Ensuring social services provision is made for any children with SEND where appropriate
  • Attending annual reviews for ‘Looked After Children’ who hold statements

Who do social workers work for?

Social workers work for a range of organisations – mainly Local Authorities, independent organisations and charities, but some also work for the NHS, mental health trusts and other community-based settings.

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