Transition planning support documents

Preparing for adult life - the documents supporting good transition planning

Set out below are all the documents which are designed to support young people with additional needs to prepare for adult life:

All of these documents are linked to the primary document:

This overarching document identifies four key areas associated with good transition planning which are attached to a range of other documents.

The four key areas which make up the Operating Strategy are:

Area focus: ensuring that transition planning addresses the process of identifying all young people who may require support into adult life.  Its overriding purpose is to ensure that no young person needing support falls through the net or off the ‘cliff-edge’ between services.

Supporting documents:

Area focus: ensures that young people and their parent/carers have the necessary information to ensure that they understand the transition process.

Supporting documents:

Area focus: ensuring that professionals work together with young people and their families

Supporting documents:

Area focus: ensuring the right service provision is in place

Supporting documents:

Norfolk’s Shared Vision: A Strategy for Delivering Key Outcomes for Young People with Additional Needs (draft) - this document sets out in draft, Norfolk’s ‘shared vision’ and consists of the four strategies which support the delivery of the four adult outcomes set out in the Children and Families Act 2014. They are:

Transition Employment Strategy (draft)

Transition Housing Strategy (draft)

Transition Community Inclusion Strategy (draft)

Transition Good Health Strategy (draft) - the documents 'Health and Transition' and 'Transition Winterbourne Report' are referenced in this strategy document.

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