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Concerns about your child's learning

It is very important to speak with your child’s educational setting if you have concerns about their learning.

Talk to someone who is working with your child. Before you do so, it will be helpful if you:

  • Listen to what your child tells you 
  • Be alert to any changes in their behaviour that might suggest they are unhappy  
  • Keep a record of things that concern you 

If a teacher becomes concerned that your child is not making expected progress, they will contact you. They will share their concerns and listen to you and your child’s views.  

The teacher may talk to you about: 

  • Developing a one-page profile  
  • Doing an assessment, to find out if your child has any specific needs  
  • Adapting their teaching methods  
  • Nurture groups 
  • Planning and putting in place SEN Support to meet your child’s needs 
  • Seeking advice from a specialist 

The school will give you a written record of what is agreed. A follow-up meeting will be arranged so you can discuss whether the support is helping your child. 

A SEND meeting planner may be useful. 

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