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Nurture groups

A nurture group uses a nurturing approach to enable children and young people to engage with missing early nurturing experiences.

This will giving them the social and emotional skills to:

  • Do well at school and with peers
  • Develop their resilience and their capacity to deal more confidently with the trials and tribulations of life

What is a nurture group?

A nurture group is a specialist form of provision in schools for children and young people who have social emotional and behaviour difficulties. Nurture groups are led by teachers and there will be less than 12 children or young people in a group. 

What happens in the group? 

The group will help replace missing or distorted early nurturing experiences. It immerses children and young people in an accepting and warm environment. This helps them develop positive relationships with both their teachers and peers. The group will do a mix of home and school activities. This includes: 

  • Sharing news 
  • Sharing breakfast 
  • Understanding emotions and
  • Regular curriculum tasks

The children and young people still share curriculum time, breaks and lunch with their mainstream classmates.

What are the benefits of nurture groups?

Children and young people who attend a nurture group will:

  • Improve their social, emotional and behaviour skills 
  • Develop a wider social network
  • Benefit from positive changes both at school and at home 
  • Develop a positive attachment to school 
  • Experience improved progression in school
  • Develop a strengthened bond with their teachers and their peer group, with reduced exclusions

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