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Help when things go wrong

You and your child should be involved with decisions being made about their Special Educational Needs (SEN) support. It is very important to communicate with your child’s school, if you have concerns or disagree with the SEN support put in place.

If you do not agree with the SEN support

If you are unable to reach an agreement with your child’s school about their SEN support, you can:

  • Contact Norfolk SEND Partnership. They provide a free, impartial and confidential information, advice and support service on SEN and disabilities. They also advise on health and social care, where it is linked to education
  • Contact one of the many other organisations offering help, information and advice
  • Try disagreement resolution. In Norfolk, disagreement resolution is delivered by KIDS SEN Mediation Service which is an independent organisation funded by us. It is free to parents, young people and education providers

What is disagreement resolution?

Disagreement resolution gives everybody a chance to give their own views and listen to others in a non-confrontational way. It is a way of seeking solutions that everybody can agree to. It is used when there are disagreements which cannot be appealed to the Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunal (SENDIST). 

Disagreements can be:

  • When the parent or a young person disagrees with how SEN support is provided in a maintained nursery or school, academy or free school. They might also disagree on how an education provider is carrying out their education, health and care duties
  • How we are keeping our duties under review, assessing needs and drawing up Education, Health and Care (EHC) plans. Also the duties on governing bodies and proprietors to use their ‘best endeavours’ to meet children and young people’s SEN
  • Disagreements about what is provided (provision) for children and young people in maintained nurseries and schools, academies and free schools
  • Disagreements about health and social care provision during the time the EHC plan is being drawn up or reviewed. Or when the child or young person is being reassessed
  • Disagreements between health commissioning bodies and us, during EHC plan assessments and reassessments, drawing up or reviewing an EHC plan. This can include the description of the child or young person’s health, education and care provision. These disagreements will not include parents and young people

Who can request disagreement resolution?

  • Nurseries
  • Schools
  • Post 16 institutions
  • Parents
  • Young people
  • Health department
  • Us (the local authority)

All parties need to agree to take part in disagreement resolution, as it is a voluntary process. It is a confidential service unless there are child protection issues. 

Contact KIDS SEN Mediation Service

KIDS SEN Mediation Service will be happy to talk through your issues. They will let you know if disagreement resolution can help you.

To contact KIDS SEN Mediation Service call 03330 062 835 or email

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