Exercise and well-being courses

We offer fitness courses that range from exercises for the over 50s to qualifications for those considering a career in the fitness industry.

Alongside these courses we also run a number of health and wellbeing courses that can help improve confidence, assertiveness and overall a healthier and happier you.

Keep fit with gentle exercise

Why not try our gentle exercise course, it is ideal for anyone who wants to increase their fitness and mobility but outside of the mainstream fitness class. Designed for people who have restricted mobility or who lack fitness, for whom seated and basic standing exercises are suitable.

Bootcamp Fitness

Bootcamp fitness is about using exercise, the environment and teamwork to develop your own level of fitness and impact upon your physical and mental well being.  Through unique sessions that are different every time you will be challenged in an exercise environment that is engaging and social - these are two of the most important elements in keeping you motivated to help meet your own fitness goals.  The benefits of exercise are well known and the hardest part will be turning up!

World Mental Health Day

To mark World Mental Health Day we are offering  fun and interactive small group two hour workshops.

The workshops will help you to positively manage your mental health and will include a mix of discussion and activities ensuring maximum effectiveness to make it a memorable and uplifting experience.

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