Microsoft Teams learner support

This guide is here to help online learners get started using Microsoft Teams. Your tutor will be able to provide you with support to access your course online so please do email them if you are unsure or would like further support.

How to access Microsoft Teams

MS Teams is accessed online, using your email address, through and Office 365. To access MS Teams visit and sign in.

Sign in using your email address and password. Your password is Pa55word when you first log in. Please change your password when you have logged in successfully.

You now have access to Office 365 including web versions of MS Office. To access MS Teams click on the Teams icon - this is usually the third icon from the right on the page.

MS Teams should load on the Activity screen and it is here where you can see the courses you are enrolled on as a learner and can move between these classes if you are on more than one class. If you can’t see the class or classes you are expecting to here, please email:

Microsoft Teams features

There are several features in MS Teams to help you communicate with people.

Chat section

Within the Chat section you can do things like start conversations with other learners or with the class tutor – have a go!

Teams section

Within the Teams section you can do things like:

  • Post messages to start conversations
  • Upload files such as a Word document, Excel spreadsheet or PDF File

Calendar section

Within the Calendar section you can do things like:

  • Set up new meetings
  • Start private online meetings using the Meet Now button

If you need any additional support accessing your course online, please call 03448008020 option 5.

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