Norfolk Healthy Child Programme 5-19 Pathway (School Nursing)

The team provides a service to all Norfolk children of statutory school age and their families and/or carers.  They work with children and young people attending mainstream schools, complex needs schools, short stay schools, home educated or out of education. Contact can be arranged in a variety of settings including community clinics or at home.

School immunisations

The Norfolk School Immunisation Team offers school-aged children their eligible vaccinations, including nasal flu, HPV, the teenage booster and Meningitis ACWY across Norfolk including the Great Yarmouth area.  Age groups vary each year.

Elective home educated children are entitled to these vaccinations, usually offered in community clinics, which are not available at GP surgeries routinely.  Parental consent is required for school vaccinations unless a young person is over 16.

For more information, email or call 01603 779390.

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