Frequently asked questions

Personalised Travel Scheme and mileage payments

I receive a Personalised Travel Scheme (PTS) or Parental Mileage allowance. Do I need to let you know that I've changed address?

Yes, you need to advise us as soon as you know you will be changing address, so we can re-assess your school transport entitlement and to recalculate your allowance, if you’re still entitled to one.

I receive a PTS or Parental Mileage allowance for my child to attend school. They will be changing schools soon: will the scheme automatically continue?

No, you need to contact us as soon as you know your child will be changing schools, so we can re-assess your school transport entitlement and recalculate your allowance, if applicable.

When will I receive my mileage payment?

The majority of payments will be made automatically into your bank account. We aim to process the automatic payments on the first working day of the month and the funds will enter into your account within five working days.

If you are paid manually you will need to send in claim forms every month. We aim to pay travel payments by the 15th of the following month, as long as we receive the claim from you by the 5th of the month.