Meet the team


We have a great team at TITAN who are all dedicated to supporting young people to become independent travellers.

Everyone on the team has a passion for their work and one of the joys of working for the TITAN team is seeing how young people grow in confidence with every new step they take towards independent travel.

Read more about our team and we look forward to supporting you soon!

Karl Chapman, lead locality co-ordinator 

What is your job?

I am the TITAN lead locality co-ordinator, so my job is to support the whole team and develop the TITAN programme. I’ve got lots of experience of working on programmes which help children and young people travel independently.

Before that I spent 15 years working in further education.

What makes your day?

Creating a supportive learning environment and seeing young people achieving greater independence and building their confidence.

What do you like doing out of work?

I love running and am a coach for the City of Norwich Athletic Club in my spare time. I’m also a triathlete.

Sophie Allan, family engagement and primary co-ordinator

What is your job? 

I am the TITAN family engagement and primary co-ordinator. My job is to promote everything TITAN!

For example, help families, trainees and schools and colleges get the most from the different services offered by TITAN. I also work closely with schools to help support and promote the TITAN Primary programme and Ready To Go! Programmes.

My role is to support early independence and to make sure that families and trainees are supported through TITAN and I love to see an individual reach their full potential.

I am always happy to help. Please feel free to get in touch for a chat. 

What makes your day? 

I enjoy engaging with a range of different people daily and get great satisfaction hearing all the great feedback that our team receives. While also working alongside other professionals to get the right training and support for all our trainees.

What do you like doing out of work? 

I enjoy running and will occasionally partake in a Park Run at the weekend, spending time with my horse Murphy and playing netball. I also enjoy binge watching programmes and movies.

Karl Chapman, Lead locality co-ordinator for TITAN
Karl Chapman, lead locality co-ordinator
Sophie Allan, senior travel trainer with TITAN
Sophie Allan, family engagement and primary co-ordinator