School and college programmes

We provide the resources for two school programmes. School staff deliver these with support from us.

TITAN Primary

TITAN Primary is a new programme launching in October 2021. It will encompass the values of the TITAN offer supporting early independence.

It will also give young people a great early foundation to help them transition to secondary education and independent travel.

Staff will deliver the programme in schools, supported by TITAN Community Volunteers. A series of three sessions will take place in Year 6, covering:

  • Pedestrian and communication skills
  • Personal health, safety and wellbeing
  • Problem solving
  • Journey planning
  • Journey practice

Ready To Go!

The Ready To Go! framework is for young people from Year 7 onwards. It allows young people to become independent travellers at the right time for them.

Schools and colleges are free to deliver training in a way that fits in with their own education offer. This will be at a pace and time to suit everyone involved.

Teaching staff have a good understanding of the individuals they work with. So they'll be able to decide the most appropriate level for trainees to start on and when. This approach will allow flexibility of learning and relevant progression for all individuals.

The framework has six core modules. Young people can progress through each module, achieving Red, Amber and Green levels.

Your son or daughter will be awarded achievement badges to celebrate their success as they progress through the modules.

Once they have successfully demonstrated that they have mastered each of the six modules at Green level, we'll support them to transition to independent travel to and from their school or college where appropriate.

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Core modules and content

This module helps a young person understand how to be a safe pedestrian. It provides activities they can apply in a range of real-world scenarios.

They'll explore why they are vulnerable as pedestrians and gain the skills to be safer when they are independent.

The young person will explore different forms of communication. They'll develop their speaking, listening and communication skills through activities and scenarios they may encounter when travelling.
Young people will get opportunities to understand how managing their own needs means they'll be better prepared for and able to manage independent travel.

Young people will experience situations which they may not have anticipated. This module teaches the skills to decide if this is a problem or an opportunity and how to approach and deal with unexpected situations by practicing scenarios in a safe environment.

Its aim is to help to instil great problem-solving skills and confidence in decision-making abilities.

This module looks at both simple and more complex journeys. It helps the young person's understanding, through the journeys they may already be familiar with, on to exploring unfamiliar journeys and how to plan for success.

We cover contingency planning as an integral part of ensuring success.

The skills and knowledge young people have gained through the other modules culminate in practising a variety of journeys and situations independently.

We'll cover all practical aspects of the journey, with the ultimate aim of them using transport safely and independently.