Norwich, Access to Music Studios

Travel to and from any sites other than the main campus will not be covered under the post16 travel scheme. Students should ask advice if they need travel assistance to reach off-site provision.

You should buy your travel pass direct from the bus or train operator, as this will probably be cheaper and more flexible. Only apply to Norfolk County Council if you cannot afford to pay for the pass in full and the operator does not offer instalment payments.

See our guide to discounts and passes offered by local operators

Applying through Norfolk County Council

If you apply to Norfolk County Council for your travel pass then you need to be travelling on a core route. The core routes for Access to Music Studios are the same as Norwich City College:

Post16 travel scheme 

You will be required to pay towards any post16 transport. For post16 payment information visit cost and payment.

Fusion Ticket

The Fusion Ticket lets you travel on most bus services within the area shown on the map below. It’s valid all day (from 0500 to 0200 the next morning) for as many journeys as you like, and you can pass it on to a friend or relative to use too.

Further information on the Fusion Ticket


If you do not qualify for assistance under the post16 travel scheme or would like greater flexibility in travel to work, training or further education, Kickstart may be able to assist with a moped loan.

For further information visit the Kickstart website.