Virtual School Sensory Support

Our vision or mission statement

  • For children and young people with a sensory loss to achieve positive outcomes and for all professionals to have high aspirations for their learning and achievement.
  • For Virtual School Sensory Support (VSSS) to champion the education of children and young people with a sensory loss through the delivery of a comprehensive, robust and flexible training, guidance, advice and support offer.

VSSS aims

  • To promote best practice for children and young people with sensory loss so that this becomes universal practice in all educational settings and learning providers, and to promote this regionally and nationally
  • To ensure every child or young person with sensory loss develops, and reaches, high aspirations
  • To explore and understand the barriers for children and young people who have a sensory loss in reaching their potential, increasing the awareness and understanding of their needs, and the impact this has on their learning
  • To ensure that resources are appropriately allocated, and targeted, to children and young people
  • To ensure that the ‘voice of the child’ is understood and acted upon