School attendance

Parents are required by law to make sure their children attend school regularly.  For further information see the Education Act (1996) Section 444.

Children’s Services attendance staff deal with issues concerning pupils who are not attending school regularly.

Every school has access to an Attendance Improvement Officer for help and advice on issues concerning attendance.  They can be contacted through your child's school.

Can my child take time off during term time?

Headteachers can allow time off during term time. However, the Department for Education has made it very clear that a headteacher must only authorise such absences in exceptional circumstances based on the individual facts of the case.

It is not an entitlement and is completely at the discretion of the school’s headteacher.  Schools should not authorise absences if they believe it will have a negative impact on a student’s education or if the absences are during school exam periods or SATs.  The decision made is final and there is no opportunity to appeal.

Parents can be fined for taking a child out of school during term time without the school’s permission. They could receive a fixed penalty notice for absence.

Before speaking to the school parents should consider how the absences will affect their child’s education.  National statistics show ten days of absence in any academic year have a negative effect on attainment. Schools are not obliged to provide work for students taking time off; however some schools may choose to do this.

When can my child leave school?

The law has changed so that from September 2013 all young people who have finished year 11 are required to continue in education or training until the end of the academic year in which they turn 17.

For more information visit Norfolk School's page on raising the participation age

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