Rights of excluded children

If a child is excluded from school, he or she has certain rights

  • To have the reason for their exclusion explained to them by the Headteacher, and if fixed term the length of the exclusion and date to return
  • To have work set for them by the school during the period of their exclusion
  • If exclusion is permanent, for other arrangements to be made to ensure their education continues and:
  • To attend and have their views considered by the governors making the decision as to whether they are reinstated or receive their education elsewhere
  • If they are unable, or do not wish to attend the meeting of the governors reviewing the exclusion, to be represented by a parent or other chosen representative
  • To see all the paperwork, including witness statements, that will be presented at the meeting of the governors, at least five days before that meeting
  • If reinstated by the governors, to be reinstated without conditions of any kind
  • If the exclusion is permanent, to attend and give evidence at an independent review panel that will review the decision of the governors' disciplinary committee

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