Norfolk admission arrangements 2017/18

Arrangements determined by Children’s Services Committee at meeting on 26 January 2016

Norfolk County Council determined admissions arrangements for Norfolk’s Community Schools and confirmed the admission coordination schemes and timetables for 2017/18.

A summary of the main changes can be found below.

  • No changes to Admission Co-ordination and timetables for 2017/18
  • LA to continue in-year co-ordination for Norfolk schools for 2017/18
  • LA to include priority for children of staff after out of area siblings within oversubscription rules for Community and Voluntary Controlled Schools for 2017/18

The Department for Education is planning to consult on changes to the statutory School Admissions Code and this is expected to be launched during 2016.  This could impose statutory changes to the published arrangements.

Own admission authority schools (academies, free schools, foundation, trust and voluntary aided schools) have also determined their admission arrangements for 2017/18 and these will be displayed on each school’s website.

The admission policies that apply to admissions in Norfolk during 2017/18 can be found in the Parents guide to admission to schools in Norfolk booklet. 

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