Norfolk admission arrangements consultation 2019/20

Norfolk County Council is consulting on the admissions arrangements for Norfolk’s community schools as well as the admission coordination schemes and timetables. The consultation will run until 4 January 2018. Following the consultation the proposed admission arrangements will be referred to Children’s Services Committee for determination at a meeting planned for 16 January 2018.

Parents and carers are particularly welcome to comment on any areas of the proposed admission arrangements for 2019.

You can give your views by completing our survey.

A summary of the main changes can be found below:

  • No changes proposed to admission coordination and timetables for 2019/20
  • Proposal to continue in-year coordination for Norfolk schools for 2019/20
  • No changes proposed to admission policy for community and voluntary controlled schools for 2019/20

Own admission authority schools such as academies, free schools, foundation, trust and voluntary aided schools are also consulting on their proposed admission arrangements for 2019/20.

You can find the proposed admission arrangement for individual schools here.

As no changes are proposed to the admission arrangements for 2019/20, the admission policies that will apply to admissions in Norfolk during 2019/20 are those that can be found in the Parents guide to admission to schools in Norfolk 2018/19 booklet.