Volunteer as a school governor

Tasks governors do not do

Governors have a strategic role; all operational matters must be left to school staff.
Therefore, as a governor it is worth being aware that you do not:

  • Write school policies
  • Undertake audits of any sort – whether financial or health and safety. This applies even if you have the relevant professional experience.
  • Spend much time with the pupils of the school. If you want to work directly with children, there are other voluntary roles within the school.
  • Fundraise, as this is the role of the PTA. The governing board looks at income streams and potential income generation but does not do fundraising tasks.
  • Undertake classroom observations to make judgements on the quality of teaching. The governing board monitors the quality of teaching by asking for data from senior staff and external sources.
  • Do the job of the school staff. If there's not enough capacity within the paid staff team to carry out necessary tasks, the governing board need to consider and rectify this.

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