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Support for carers

Get support to care for yourself

Carer's breaks

A carer’s break is support that is provided directly to carers following a carer's assessment. The assessment may identify the need for you some specific support to help you in your caring role. This could be attending a craft group, swimming or having time for a coffee with friends. Find out more about assessments.

Any services you receive to support you in your caring role will be provided free of charge.

Get time off from caring (replacement care) 

If you undertake a caring role you may experience problems with stress or ill health. It may be that the best way to support you is to provide replacement care directly to the person that you care for, providing they agree. 

Replacement care can last a couple of hours or longer. It could involve support in the home, at a day centre or a temporary stay in a residential care home.

To access replacement care, we need to complete an assessment with the person you care for to consider what their care and support needs are and how it affects their wellbeing.

How much does it cost? 

If the person you care for is eligible for any of these services, they may need to contribute something towards the cost. We'll carry out a financial assessment and benefits check to work out if they need to make any contribution. 

To find out more about getting an assessment for the person you care for, contact our social care team.

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