Our teams

There are a wide variety of social work teams across Norfolk you could join.

Children’s Advice and Duty Service (CADS)

CADS is our multi-agency front door for raising concerns about the welfare of children. It is staffed by qualified senior social workers and accepts only telephone referrals. This ensures we get the full detail of any situation and can make the right decision first time to support or safeguard that child and direct to the appropriate service.

Family Support Teams

As part of a range of early help services across the county, our Family Support Teams offer a case-holding targeted support service to those families with more complex and persistent needs to help overcome them.

Family Assessment and Safeguarding Teams (FAST)

For those children at greatest need of care and protection, our locality social work teams (or FASTs) provide statutory interventions to safeguard their wellbeing. They take cases from the point of assessment and can work with them all the way to permanency.

Intensive and Specialist Support Service (ISSS)

Our Intensive and Specialist Support Service provides additional support to social workers and family support practitioners and works with families where a greater intensity and/or specialist intervention could help prevent needs escalating unnecessarily. These include domestic abuse workers, intensive support workers, children and family therapeutic workers and homebased support workers.

Independent Statutory Service

This service is home to a range of roles ensuring quality of planning for children is in place and they are safe from harm and to drive improvements in outcomes and practice. These include Independent Reviewing Officers for Looked After Children, Independent Chairs for children on a Child Protection Plan, as well as Local Authority Designated Officers, the Children’s Participation Team and Family Group Conference staff.

In Care and Life Beyond Care Teams

Our Corporate Parenting service works with those who are long term looked after and those who have left care and are entitled to a Leaving Care service. We work to reduce risk through safety planning and to build their independent living skills to prepare for adulthood. Relationship based practice is at the heart of our work with children and young people, with a focus on family networking to build relationships between children and young people and their families, allowing them to return home when they can.

Children with Disabilities (CWD) Service

Our CWD teams support children and families with additional complex needs, assisting with short breaks, occupational therapy and transition services.

Youth Offending Team (YOT)

Our YOT is a multi-agency service which aims to prevent young people offending and supports those who have. They also work with young people who are being criminally exploited or involved in gangs and county lines.

Residential and Semi-Independent living services

This team looks after and manages our residential homes and semi-independent homes including short breaks, Linked Families (Short breaks fostering), Outreach support, 16 plus supported flat accommodation, family time centres and community assessment team. The team’s approach is firmly centred on looking beyond any negative behaviours a young person displays and focusing on identifying and working with their abilities, strengths and skills.

Adoption, Fostering and Kinship Service

Our adoption and fostering service is rated outstanding by Ofsted.


This service works collaboratively with local services, schools, voluntary and external agencies. Our Adoption Recruitment Team supports all potential adopters through the initial stages of an application as well as assessing potential families, making adoption placements and providing support to these families until the granting of the Adoption Order. The Adoption Children’s Team supports the identification of an appropriate match for children who cannot be placed in Norfolk and the Adoption Support Team provides support for birth families, adoptive families, children who are adopted and adult adoptees.


The Fostering Service has one mainstream assessment team, one kinship assessment team, three support and supervision teams and one enhanced fostering team. The main aim of our Fostering Service is to provide safe, high-quality foster care placements for children and young people that value, support and encourage them to grow and develop as individuals. As well as promoting their health and general well-being, we believe that children and young people in our care should:

  • Be helped to grow and reach their potential
  • Be given safe, nurturing experiences within a variety of caring resources which reflect need, respect difference, value diversity and promote inclusion
  • Be listened to and that services we provide should take these views into consideration
  • Receive high quality, relevant aftercare
  • Have their rights and responsibilities respected and involve them, along with their carers, in all aspects of service delivery


The Kinship Assessment Team undertakes kinship and special guardianship assessments and supervises foster carers who are temporarily approved in line with the Regulation 24. Norfolk’s Fostering Service recognises that children’s needs are best met by their family where it is safe to do so and is committed to placing children who are not able to remain in their own family in an appropriate alternative family placement, wherever possible. The priority will be for children to be placed with family or friends (known as kinship carers) and supported under Regulation 24 of the Care Planning regulations where this placement is deemed suitable and the child is looked after, also under Special Guardianship Orders and Child Arrangements Orders.

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