Find out more about our dedicated Employer Engagement Officers

Our Employer Engagement Officers work with potential learners and their employers to identify the right training and Delivery Partner for them, and then make a referral to the relevant partner to complete course enrolment.

Meet the team

Name: Nicky
Job Title: Employer Engagement Officer
Date joined project: 19 September 2022
Favourite food: Always has to be Pizza
Dream holiday destination: New Zealand to see family

Tell us a little bit about yourself…

I started work as a carer at the age of 18 and have been involved within Health and Social Care for over 20 years. I was able to access the opportunities available to me and went on to spend 12 years working as an Tutor in Health and Social Care, Internal Quality Assurance assessor and most recently working as a Practitioner in Adult Social Services.

Training and Education in social care continues to be a big passion of mine. I love to support others to develop and build skills and confidence in this sector of work which can be so rewarding and vitally important.

I am really enjoying being part of the developing skills project where we can offer accredited and fully funded courses to those working in the health and social care sector within Norfolk and Suffolk.

It’s great to work with a wide variety of social care providers to support them to identify skills their workforce could benefit from and helping those within the sector to reach their potential. The project is making a positive contribution to the community.

Lynn’s story

Lynn has spent some 20 years delivering training for Suffolk County Council in the health and social care sector – in areas such as dementia and stroke awareness and moving and handling of people – before she moved to her current role of Employer Engagement Officer. She is passionate about the importance of good quality training resulting in good outcomes for those who work in the sector as well as those who benefit from care delivery.

Lynn’s day-to-day role involves contacting potential learners who have sent in an enquiry via the Developing Skills webpages. Many of them are seeking guidance on what training would be best for them and so it is rare to have only one conversation with a learner.

She sends them course information and then has a conversation with the learner about the learning units and the course provider that might suit them best. When the learner has made their decision, Lynn informs the relevant training provider.

She says that she enjoys speaking with the learners and supporting them in their career.

Carley’s story

Carley is an Employer Engagement Officer on the Developing Skills project. She has previously worked in the Placement Team at Suffolk County Council, helping to find support for people leaving hospital who were unable to return home and live independently. This previous role has given her a good understanding of the many care homes around the county.

Her role now involves liaising with potential learners to find the right course for them. She supports learners and their employers across the health and social care sector.

Carley says that her Nan was in a care home towards the end of her life, and Carley feels that her current role is helping other people’s Nans to be better supported.

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