Work experience

Norfolk employers – our students need you!

Are you an employer who can really inspire and motivate local young people to help them be better prepared for work?

Our Work Experience Norfolk campaign is asking for employers to pledge a work experience placement for a post-16 student in Norfolk.  Helping students to secure an inspirational work experience opportunity is key to ensuring young people’s work readiness and can also help you towards achieving your own business objectives.

Work experience placements can be of varying lengths and at different times of the year; schools and colleges will work with you around the needs of your business.

Offering a placement can help your business to:

  • Gain access to talent - see first-hand what local young people have to offer - enthusiasm, potential and a chance to showcase their skills and capabilities.  Develop a local recruitment channel – a talent pipeline for your business.
  • Lead the way - young people need great employability skills to help succeed in the world of work.  Help promote the strong work ethic all employers value.  Help support students to develop skills and attributes such as accountability, creativity, good judgement, self-awareness and taking responsibility.
  • Raise your business profile - offering a work experience opportunity that a young person truly values, helps to raise the profile of your business with their family and friends and the local community
  • Develop your own staff - placements can positively impact on existing staff.  Boost morale and raise confidence by offering mentoring opportunities and supervisory experience to staff who would benefit from more management experience

Complete the Work Experience Placement Opportunities form to tell us the opportunities you can offer to a Norfolk sixth form or college student.

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