Message from Wendy Thomson - Managing Director

Norfolk County Council is in a period of unprecedented challenge and the Government’s commitment to local ‘self-sufficiency’ represents a very different vision for local services in the future.

In these times of financial pressure, we remain ambitious for Norfolk and its people. We are committed to four overarching priorities: Excellence in education, Real Jobs, Good infrastructure and supporting vulnerable people.

Helping more people into real jobs, obtaining good qualifications, within a county which is accessible and connected to the rest of the country are key to Norfolk’s future. With economic growth and sustainable services, people living here will be able to lead independent and fulfilling lives.

I decided to join Norfolk County Council in 2014 because it struck me as a place with ambition, honest about the issues it faces and committed to raising the county’s aspirations and achievements.  

People told me that they felt that too often Norfolk had settled for good enough rather than aiming for the best. Those days are over.

One of my first tasks here was to create a management team that would work with members to lead Norfolk County Council and fulfill a challenging brief of managing external pressures – reducing funding and growing demand – but to do far more than simply retreat to delivering a statutory minimum of services.

I looked for - and continue to seek - high achievers who are dedicated to securing better outcomes for people living in Norfolk, full of energy and able to provide the council-wide leadership necessary to secure the culture, capacity and partnerships we need to adapt to become a new type of collaborative and cohesive public service.

A lot has been done, but there’s a lot left to do. I hope we can excite and enthuse you to take up the Norfolk challenge too.