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Selection tests

As part of the selection process, we will ask you to carry out some physical tests that mirror operational activities.

Fitness assessment

The multi stage shuttle run is a test of your cardiovascular fitness and stamina. (It's known as the 'bleep test'.)

You'll be required to run back and forth between two lines 20 metres apart, maintaining the pace set by an audible sound. It will be on a flat surface and the pace increases at one minute intervals throughout the test. The test will end when you reach the required level, or reach a point where you are unable to keep up with the audible signals. Every candidate needs to reach level 8.8.

Ladder tests

The ladder climb test assesses your confidence at height and the ability to follow instructions. You will climb a 13.5m service ladder to a point three quarters of the way up and lock your leg on the ladder. You will then be asked to lean backwards, arms outstretched and while looking over your shoulder identify a symbol being shown by the assessor at ground level. You will have the opportunity to practice at ground level before performing the exercise. During this exercise you will be wearing a safety harness and a fall arrest device.

The ladder extension test will assess your upper and lower body strength and co-ordination. The test requires you to fully extend the 9m ladder and then lower it back to its start position in a controlled manner. This is a timed test.

The ladder lift test assesses upper and lower body strength and co-ordination. Wearing full personal protective equipment (PPE) you will be asked to raise the bar of a ladder lift simulator to the required height with 15 kg of weight placed on the simulator cradle, which gives a total of 24 kg. It should be emphasised that the weight of the ladder test equipment plus the addition of the 15kg weight and the position when undertaking the test means the total lift is closer to 30kg. You will be directed to perform an initial lift with 5 kg of weight on the cradle to ensure you're prepared for the test.

The ladder extend to lower test assesses your upper and lower body strength and co-ordination. You will be required to unhook a fully extended 13.5m ladder and lower it under control to the housed position.

Watch video of the ladder tests

Casualty evacuation

This test will assess upper and lower body strength and co-ordination. This test requires you to drag a dummy weighing 55kg backwards around a 30m course with four cones, while wearing a breathing apparatus set. The dummy will have a carrying handle fixed to it. This is a timed test.

Watch video of the casualty evacuation test

Equipment carry

This test assesses aerobic fitness, stamina, upper and lower body strength and co-ordination. You will carry items of equipment up and down a course between two cones which are 25m apart. We will demonstrate correct lifting techniques. This is a timed test.

Watch video of the equipment carry test

Equipment assembly

This test assesses manual dexterity. For this test one of the testers will demonstrate of how to assemble and then disassemble a piece of equipment. You will then be required to do the same with pictures to help you. This is a timed test.

Watch video of the equipment assembly test

Confined space

In addition to the fire kit you will be required to wear a breathing apparatus (BA) set weighing about 15kg. We will obscure your vision to simulate a dark and smoky environment. You will be guided to the entrance to the crawl space to enter a confined space – making your way through a series of different levels/directions by feel and following instructions. You need to make your way through the space within a set time. However, just as important is the ability to listen and act on instructions. This is designed to test your ability to cope with dark/confined spaces. While it only has low to moderate physical demands, good levels of flexibility and body awareness are an advantage.

Watch video of the confined space test

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