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Annual leave

Annual leave entitlement

Green Book Employees

Annual leave entitlement is dependent on scale, continuous service and terms of conditions of employment all of which is pro-rata for part-time workers.

Term time workers are required to take all annual leave during periods of school closure.

Grade Below 5 years of service 5 to 10 years of service 10 or more years of service 
Up to top of E 24  29  29 

F and G

25  29  29 
H to M 27  29  30 
N and above 28  29  31 

Green Book Casual Workers

Your entitlement to leave will be accrued over the period of work on a pro-rata basis of the statutory entitlement for full time employees of 28 days including Public and Bank Holidays.

Leave does not continue to accrue during periods when you are not on an engagement.

Adult Learning posts

As you are only required to work during term time, your salary includes payment for annual leave. This equals 17% on top of your basic hourly rate for all hours worked including any additional non-contact time. No leave is to be taken for the duration of the course.

Teaching posts

Annual leave is governed by the provisions of the School Teachers' Pay and Conditions Document.