Recruitment information for candidates

Political restrictions and veterans

Political restrictions

NCC is legally required to restrict the political activities of some posts. These are:

  1. The Head of the Authority’s Service, statutory or non- statutory Chief or Deputy Chief Officers, Monitoring Officer, or Chief Financial Officer.
  2. A Political Assistant.
  3. A post where the postholder regularly gives advice to the Authority or its Executive, Committees, Sub Committees, Members etc, or speaks on behalf of the Authority to journalists and broadcasters.

A summary of the activities which would be restricted are:

  1. Becoming a candidate for election to a Local Authority, the House of Commons, European Parliament, Scottish Parliament or Welsh Assembly.
  2. Being an election agent for a candidate for one of those bodies.
  3. Being an Official of a Political Party.
  4. Canvassing on behalf of a Political Party.
  5. Speaking publicly with the apparent intention of supporting a Political Party.
  6. Publishing a written or artistic work with the apparent intention of affecting public support for a political party.

Guaranteed Interview Scheme for Veterans

As part of our commitment under The Armed Forces Covenant external applicants who are ex-members of the armed forces will be invited to interview if the Armed Forces was their employer within the last three years and they meet the essential criteria on the person specification.