Libraries for parents and carers

The library offers a whole lot more than books, CDs, games and computers. The library is also a good place to meet other parents and carers.

Library events, groups and activities

Libraries run a wide range of activities, groups and events for parents and children. Take a look at our what's on guide.

Baby weighing

All Norfolk libraries have self-weigh scales so you can weigh your baby or toddler - baby weighing.

Norfolk Reading Pathway programme

The Norfolk Reading Pathway is a free programme which runs in all Norfolk Libraries. It is open to any adult who would like support to become a more confident reader.

Help your child to enjoy books and reading

Reading improves with practice. Encourage your child to listen to stories and read at home.

Homework help

All libraries can get books on main homework subjects. Some libraries also have special homework collections. Britannica Library website can help with researching homework topics.

Libraries also subscribe to online resources, such as Encyclopaedia Britannica Online, British Newspaper Archive and Oxford Reference Online. You don't have to pay if you log in with your library card and some resources can be accessed from your home computer. Find out more at online resources.

Parenting book collection

You can borrow books from our parenting collection on a wide range of topics:

  • Child care including healthy eating, coping with sleep problems and childhood illnesses
  • Child development - what to expect at each stage of your child’s life
  • Early learning - help children learn new skills such as reading and counting
  • How to help children cope with new experiences, such as visits to hospital, starting playgroup or school, and the arrival of a new baby
  • Let's talk about feelings - books and more to help your family get along better

Well-being and self-help book collections

We have a wide range of self-help books to help people understand their health and well-being. Topics include mental health for adults and teenagers, long-term conditions such as pain and sleeping problems, dementia, and mood-boosting books. Find out more about reading well.