Libraries for parents and carers

The library offers a whole lot more than books, CDs, games and computers.

The library is also a good place to meet other parents and carers.

Helping your child to enjoy books and reading

As with anything, reading improves with practice. Encourage your child to listen to stories and read at home.

Put reading at the centre of your household:

If you want to improve your own literacy, contact learndirect.

Positive parenting

You can borrow books from the Positive Parenting Collection on a wide range of topics:

  • Child care including healthy eating, coping with sleep problems, childhood illnesses
  • Child Development – what to expect at each stage of your child’s life
  • Early learning – helping children learn new skills such as reading, counting
  • How to help children cope with new experiences – visits to hospital, starting playgroup or school, the arrival of a new baby
  • Let's talk about feelings -  books and more to help your family get along better

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