Advice and practical support from Education Library Service

We can help you make the best use of your time and resources to improve your school library, and give advice on book collections, new builds and refurbishments.

Recommendations for primary and secondary phase libraries

All school libraries should have a minimum of 2,400 books split equally between fiction and non-fiction, and at least 10 books per pupil. 

Maintenance is required every year.  The guidance from the School Library Association is that 10% of stock will need to be replaced because of wear and tear, loss or out of date information.  

Case study: A 250 pupil school that has a properly stocked school library with no fewer than 2500 books will have items in it worth at least £20,000 at any one time. This assumes that an average cost of a new book with no discount is £8.  The yearly cost to replace 250 of the books will be approximately £2,000. To borrow at least 700 books and have a visit from the ELS children’s mobile would cost £982.50 a year. 

Experienced ELS staff support the drive for continual improvement in schools by

  • Adding value to teaching and learning, working with children and young people to inspire reading more widely and encouraging independent learning and information literacy with sessions in school
  • Saving school staff time and money by helping you stock, catalogue and organise your library as a dynamic and rich environment
“Superb time saver. Our library now looks fresh and inviting to our children again. They are able to access the books freely and our book stock is becoming more appropriate to the age of our children.”

Professional development opportunities include 

  • Training for school staff, volunteers and pupil librarians – including a free course for school governors
  • Mentoring
  • Reading for pleasure groups (free for ELS customers)
  • Telephone advice

Regular Health Check for your school library

Three full days a year for eight ELS tokens. This is a saving of one token – the usual cost would be nine tokens

Three half days a year for five ELS tokens. This is a saving of one token – the usual cost would be six tokens

The Education Library Service is offering an experienced Senior Library Assistant to visit your school once a term to ensure that everything in your library is in good physical order. They can:  

  • Check that books are labelled correctly, shelved in the correct place and displayed in a way that will maximise their impact
  • Catalogue new stock and complete ‘housekeeping’ on your library management system
  • Train staff, volunteers and pupil librarians
  • Advise and assist with the day to day running of the library

There are all kinds of possibilities for using the health check time. For example, you could arrange to have one of your visits just before the ELS mobile visit, and use the time to collect together your stock and remove books from your management system, or you could arrange it for September to update your pupil records on your library system. We are offering two main options and all other combinations and other possibilities are negotiable.

 100% of ELS customers say that:

 "our work in schools met all expectations and was valuable or very valuable"