Children's mobile library

Our children’s mobile library is stocked with over 3,000 items selected to support reading for pleasure. Experienced and skilled members of the ELS team will help your pupils choose their books and make recommendations to encourage them to widen their reading experience.

Children say that they find the visits really exciting and love the range of books, the enthusiasm of staff and the experience.

In their own words:

“There are so many books! I wish I could stay in there for longer and just read them all!”

Our children’s mobile library includes:

  • Fiction and picture books
  • Non-fiction and poetry for leisure and pleasure reading
  • Hi-Lo books for reluctant or low ability readers
  • Short read chapter books
  • Professional resources for staff to borrow free of charge

Our children’s mobile library van offers great value for money

For example, a school with 69 children on roll will pay just £365.25 for a half day visit to select at least 340 books, worth approximately £2,720. The books are kept by the school for a calendar year.  A year later the children’s mobile library will visit again and all the books are exchanged for a new selection chosen by the children. If you need fewer or more books, we can discuss your requirements. SLA online will calculate the cost to your school of a children’s mobile library visit, based on your number on roll. Or you can get in touch with the team.

“Our school would not have such a well-stocked library without your services; some books can quickly become dated, unpopular and tatty and the school cannot afford to replace. It is a very valuable service which we don't want to lose.”

Case study: a 325 pupil school with a properly stocked school library of no fewer than 3,250 books will have items in it worth at least £26,000 at any one time. This is assuming an average cost of a new book with no discount is £8. The yearly cost for new books will be approximately £2,600, which will replace 325 of the books. A full day visit from the children’s mobile to a school with 325 children or more is £1,151.25 for the loan of 850 books. This is an estimated value of £6,800.

Combined children’s mobile visit and ‘Reading for Pleasure’ sessions

On the day of your visit, a librarian will visit classes to give a short promotional session about the mobile library’s range of resources, talk to your pupils about their interests and inspire them to make good book choices from the mobile library.

If you wish to discuss this or find out more please get in touch with the ELS team.

This addition to your mobile visit will cost two ELS tokens.

“Brilliant! Mandy really got the children interested in books. They couldn’t wait to read their selection from the (mobile library) van”