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Brighten up your library, and make it easier for students to find both fiction and non-fiction with our big, bold products.   The products look professional, are extremely good value for money and are available in large or small quantities.

Ordering items

For Norfolk schools, delivery costs a maximum of £3.75 per order. If you're an independent school or are outside of Norfolk, email to confirm delivery charges before ordering.

We only sell our stationery to educational settings. 

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About our products

Colour-coded, bright and bold dividers highlight different non-fiction topics on your shelf.

Please note - they are light and cannot act as book supports.

£2.50 each

A set of A-Z guiding blocks for your fiction shelves - £30

Green £1.10 per sheet (70 labels) for junior fiction

Orange £1.10 per sheet (120 labels) for short reads (plain only)

Six different categories in which to place some of the fiction stock in your school.

Clown=funny, Dragon=fantasy, Cat=animal, Trophy=sport, Magnifying glass = adventure, Ghost = Scary and plain for general.

Please note - themed labels are only available in green.

£8 includes CD with template, self-adhesive labels and full instructions for use.  Additional sheets of labels 50p per sheet of 98 labels.

Allows you to continue to print your dewey number labels to the same standard as carried out by ELS to ensure uniformity in your library

80p per sheet of 80 labels

Adhesive labels available in grey, black, orange, pink, yellow, green, red, purple, brown and blue

Acetate Strips (rolls of 1000 )

  • £16 wide for non-fiction books
  • £12 narrow for fiction books
  • Clear plastic strips to cover and protect spine and colour code labels.

Invisible tape

  • £2 per roll
  • Ideal for repairing torn pages
  • Matt adhesive tape
  • Permanent and secure
  • Virtually invisible in use

30p per jacket regardless of size.

Minimum order 10 jackets of any size.

Clear, heavy-duty plastic covers for paperback books.

Please contact the ELS office before placing an order as we do not stock all sizes of jackets.

Primary School Subject Index: for use by staff to catalogue your non-fiction stock. Gives Dewey classification and colour coding £6

High School Subject Index for use by staff and students £8

Cracking the Code booklets to assist primary pupils to locate non-fiction books in your library; available in infant and primary versions £30 for a set of ten

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