Read My Mind

Read My Mind is a library project which encourages men who are either experiencing depression or low mood levels, to take part in social reading activities. Funded by Norfolk County Council Public Health, the project is for men aged 18+ and explores whether there is a link between reading and improving men’s mental health and well-being.

The types of activities we’ve offered so far include shared reading, poetry workshops and reading for wellbeing sessions.

Reading for wellbeing sessions on Zoom

These are relaxed social events to chat about reading for wellbeing and share book recommendations. There is also an opportunity for you to read aloud an excerpt from a book if you want to. You can sit back and listen if you prefer. The sessions are for everyone aged 18+. Find out more by joining our Read My Mind Facebook group.


Listen to the Read my Mind podcasts, which feature people who have taken part in the project.

Exploring my mind

The first podcast is a poetry workshop, led by Norfolk playwright James McDermott. You can take part in the workshop or listen along. Listen to the Read my Mind poetry workshop podcast on Soundcloud.

Men's shared reading

The second podcast is a shared reading session, participants discuss the benefits that reading fiction for pleasure can have and talk about books that have helped with their own wellbeing. Also includes some poetry and extracts from Matt Haig’s book Notes on A Nervous Planet being read aloud.  Listen to the Read my Mind men's shared reading podcast on Soundcloud.

Poetry workshop for men - exploring my masculinity

Norfolk playwright James McDermott leads us through his second poetry workshop which was recorded on Zoom with participants from Read My Mind. You can take part in the workshop or listen along.

Listen to the Read my Mind exploring my masculinity poetry workshop podcast on Soundcloud

Read my mind - feel good reading for men

The fourth podcast in the series is another shared reading session, where men chat about books they've found beneficial for their wellbeing.

Listen to the Read my Mind feel good reading for men podcast on Soundcloud

Listen to talk about men, music and mental health on the 12th Man Radio Show

Recommended reads

Throughout the project participants have recommended books which they’ve enjoyed or found to be beneficial to their mental health and wellbeing.  The books can be reserved to collect from your local library.  The booklist also includes titles available as eBooks and eAudio books.

Browse the Read my mind book list.

Find out more about our eBook and eAudio service.

Become a partner

We would like to develop the project by working with partners in farming, engineering and manual labouring industries. To find out more about how you can work with us on the Read my Mind project, email