Summer Reading Challenge 2022

The Reading Agency and Norfolk Library and Information Service are excited to introduce Gadgeteers, Summer Reading Challenge 2022; a celebration of innovation and imagination, in partnership with the Science Museums Group.

The challenge will launch on the 23 July 2022 and finish on the 10 September 2022. Children can join up from the 9 July 2022.

The Summer Reading Challenge takes place every year during the summer holidays. It supports children’s reading for pleasure and prevents a dip in reading over the six-week break. As well as supporting literacy, reading is a fantastic way to promote mental wellbeing and have fun.

How to join

You can join the Summer Reading Challenge at your local library or mobile library. Your child will receive a free poster that follows the Gadgeteers, a group of children who love to solve problems and invent things. The aim of the game is to read 2 books, collect a set of stickers to put on the poster (some are scratch and sniff!) and find out the Gadgeteer’s inventive plans for a summer party.

Your child can set your own reading goals, but we recommend reading six books in total. You can download children’s books from our virtual library, if that's easier. Find out more about our eBooks here.

You can also join the challenge online at The Reading Agency website. All the resources are online so you won’t need to pick up a poster or stickers from us but you can borrow our books to complete the challenge. 

If your child is not a member of a library

Find out how to join the library. It's free! There are no overdue fees on children’s cards so if you are a bit late getting the books back to the library you won’t be charged.


We are very grateful for the support provided by Norwich Science Festival and The Forum that means we can provide more fun and free activities for children.

Illustrations by Julian Beresford 2022