Voicebox Cafes

In 2018 we celebrate 100 years since some women gained the right to vote, and 90 years since all women won that right.  It’s a chance for us to think about our own role in civic life and encourage others to do the same.

Voicebox Cafes are an innovative England-wide democracy project funded by the Good Things Foundation and the Women’s Vote Centenary Grant Fund, aimed at encouraging excluded women to understand, celebrate and participate in democracy and public life.

They are taking place nationwide and focus on engaging women aged 18 - 30 who have traditionally not engaged in democracy.

Voice and Vote: Women and Making Parliament work for you

It is UK Parliament week and we're celebrating 100 years since Parliament passed a law which allowed some women, and all men, to vote for the first time.

Join us on Saturday 17 November for an informal and relaxed session delving into the history of women in parliament.  Discover how to create a petition to the UK parliament and how the Petitions committee works. 

The events are free and refreshments are provided.  For more information visit the Eventbrite page or email libraries@norfolk.gov.uk.

You can follow the project nationwide online with the hashtag #Voiceboxcafe.

About the project

We launched the project in June/July with EqualiTEAs parties in each of the three libraries.

These tea parties have been developed by the Houses of Parliament as part of its Education and Engagement Service.

Voicebox Cafes will hold sessions with the following aims:

  • Educate:  To increase women’s knowledge of UK democracy and its importance, and increase their democratic participation
  • Participate:  To aspire to achieve gender parity in local and national politics by the centenary of the Equal Franchise Act in 2028
  • Celebrate:  To increase national awareness and mark 100 years since women got the right to vote

You can learn:

  • How to understand local and national politics, how voting happens and who makes decisions
  • About the principles of effective community organising:  how to make a difference in your local communities
  • How to organise a government petition

Towards the end of the project, Good Things Foundation will host a parliamentary event bringing together women from the Cafes, celebrating local achievements and announcing the national campaign winner.  Lord Knight of Weymouth will host this event and will invite parliamentarians to co-host.

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