Acle Library

Address: Bridewell Lane, Acle, NR13 3RA

Map showing the location of Acle Library


Did you know you can renew your library books online? You will need your library card and PIN.

Opening hours

  • Monday: 8am-7pm (Open Library access only)
  • Tuesday: 10am-7pm (8-10am Open Library access only)
  • Wednesday: 8am-7pm (Open Library access only)
  • Thursday: 10am-7pm (8-10am Open Library access only)
  • Friday: 2-7pm (8am-2pm Open Library access only)
  • Saturday: 1-4pm (8am-1pm Open Library access only)
  • Sunday: 10am-4pm (Open Library Access only)

Read our library service coronavirus update before visiting.

You can return items when the library is closed using the letterbox to the left of the main entrance.  Please make sure that books drop into the box completely and are not left sticking out.

Services at Acle Library

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