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Escape the Children's Library

Solve puzzles, gather clues and use your imagination to find the key to escape the Children's Library!

Our escape room parties are a fun way to celebrate a birthday, aimed at 9 to 14 year olds.

The group use clues from around the Children's Library to work out how to escape.

The game is led by two library assistants. Depending on the age and ability of the group, the assistants decide whether to help them or to let them try and escape by themselves.

Parents can decide whether they want to stay with the party or head off for an hour and come back.

Costs and booking

Parties are on Saturday afternoons from 5.30-6.30pm at the Norfolk and Norwich Millennium Children's Library. (The library is closed to the public.)

Costs are:

  • £80 for 6-8 guests
  • Additional guests are £10 each (up to a maximum of 12)
  • We offer a discount for small groups - £72 for up to 6 guests

Pick a Saturday for your party then email to check if it's available.

You'll pay a non-refundable booking fee of £50 to hold the date. You pay the rest of the costs on the day of the party.

You're welcome to bring any additional party treats along, like gifts and goody-bags.

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