About Picture Norfolk

Picture Norfolk is an online collection of over 20,000 local images which reflect thousands of stories of Norfolk life spanning the last 150 years. Picture Norfolk, created and run by Norfolk Library & Information Service, shares images from Local Studies Libraries, Norfolk Museums Service, Norfolk Record Office and many private collections.

What types of images does Picture Norfolk have?

Photographs, dating from the early days of photography during the 1840s through to the present day. They range from amateur and informal family photographs to many types of commercial images (including studio portraits, building surveys, tourism, industrial work, advertising and art photography). Prints, ephemera, paintings and drawings of Norfolk subjects from the 18th-20th centuries also feature.

How to search on Picture Norfolk

Type a keyword or phrase into the search box on the Picture Norfolk homepage, such as the name of a person, place, street, building, event, date or subject. Plurals such as ‘soldiers’ rather than ‘soldier’ will often return more results.

Try these searches

Try some of the search terms in bold below:

  • Harley – 1980s images by Paul Harley of punks, alternative fairs and demonstrations.
  • Swain – George Swain's 20th century images of Norwich life, including the bomb damage to Norwich during World War 2
  • Trett – Percy Trett’s collected images of Great Yarmouth life, including his own images from the 1960s and 1970s.
  • Finch – a remarkable survey of east Norfolk parishes and their people made by Henry Finch (who was raised in the Norwich Yards) and his family. 1860s-1890s
  • Tilbrook – Richard Tilbrook's colour photographs celebrating the beauty of Norfolk and Suffolk churches
  • Boardman  - Edwardian photographs of the privileged family life of Norfolk architect Edward Boardman and his How Hill holiday residence
  • Emerson – internationally important art photography by PH Emerson, many relating to the Norfolk Broads
  • Plunkett – a unique record of the changing face of Norwich and Norfolk in the twentieth century seen through the eyes of local photographer George Plunkett
  • Artists – Norfolk scenes through the eyes of local artists
  • World War 1 – soldier portraits, home front images and war notices and ephemera from the First World War
  • Payne Jennings – portraits of life on the Norfolk Broads from the late nineteenth century
  • Lange – great community photos from the Harleston area 1950s, 1960s and 1970s
  • Flood – images of the great floods around the county in 1912
  • Market – Norfolk market places from the 1840s to the present day
  • Yard – telling stories of crowded home life in the Norwich Yards
  • Museums – explore historic photographs held by local museums
  • Norfolk Record Office – explore photographs from the archives
  • Shops – a record of enterprise both small and large
  • Entertainment – Norfolk cinema, theatre, fairs and much more

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