Another 7.5km of A1270 Norwich NDR unwrapped for Christmas

19 December 2017

Another 7.5km of Norwich Northern Distributor Road will be delivered just in time for Christmas, the joint Balfour Beatty and Norfolk County Council construction team confirmed today (Tuesday 19 December).

The new A1270 dual carriageway between the A140 Cromer Road and the A1151 Wroxham Road will open to all traffic by 6am on Thursday 21 December. Better weather over the last few days has allowed the completion of white lines and road studs and other outstanding works. Inspections by the construction team have confirmed that remaining minor works will be finished in time.

Cllr Stuart Clancy, Vice-Chairman of Norfolk County Council’s Environment, Development & Transport Committee, praised the efforts of the construction team:

“Having two-thirds of Norwich NDR open by Christmas – two months ahead of schedule - is a tremendous achievement. That’s eight and a half miles of dual carriageway helping people get around, easing pressure on other routes and supporting businesses.

“Many people are now itching for the rest of the route to be open to the A47 at Postwick, that’s when the NDR will really come into its own as essential infrastructure for Norwich, Broadland and much of North Norfolk.”

Ian Taylor, Project Manager for Norfolk County Council, said:

“I am extremely pleased, not to say relieved. A week ago the weather turned against us and for a while it seemed unlikely that we would make up the lost time. Since then, the team has pulled out all the stops, and it is a great credit to Balfour Beatty and our own staff that the next 7.5kms of dual carriageway will be open before Christmas.

“Achieving this Christmas milestone is not just symbolic. At some key locations, such as the A140 Cromer Road, instead of several more weeks of disruption road users will be feeling more of the benefits of the new road

“The whole NDR team is buoyed up by this achievement, which reflects a huge amount of work in some very testing conditions. When we come back in the New Year we will be able to focus all our efforts on completing the route through to Postwick.”

Chris Sedman, Project Director for Balfour Beatty (main contractor) said: 
“We are delighted to have completed the A140 Cromer Road to A1151 Wroxham Road section of the Norwich Northern Distributor Road (NNDR). Meeting this completion date ahead of Christmas demonstrates the determination of the project team to deliver the project safely and on time.

“The new road is set to deliver immediate benefits to the local community and travelling public which can now be enjoyed throughout the Christmas period and beyond.”

The new stretch of A1270 dual carriageway opening on Thursday adds a further 7.5km to the 6km, from the A1067 Fakenham Road to the A140 Cromer Road that opened in early November. The new stretch of the A1270 NDR includes (west to east):

  • Access under the A140, with two more slip roads completing connection of the two ‘A’ roads
  • A roundabout where the dual carriageway turns around the northern corner of Norwich Airport. This provides access to the Petans Safety Training centre and other premises, but there is no other road connection
  • The Woodlands Bridge, carrying Buxton Road, Spixworth, over the dual carriageway. The bridge includes a segregated pedestrian and cycle track which is shielded from headlights on the road below to create a ‘dark corridor’ to help bats cross safely at night
  • The North Walsham Road Roundabout, connecting the A1270 with the B1150
  • The Wroxham Road Roundabout, connecting the A1270 NDR with the A1151 to Wroxham, Hoveton and the Broads

Phase 2 (A140 to A1151) in numbers:

  • 480,211 cubic metres of excavated material including topsoil
  • 22,700 metres of drainage pipework
  • 160 tonnes of reinforcement steel
  • 1,015 cubic metres of concrete
  • 59,179 tonnes of asphalt
  • 54,900 metres of white lines

The remaining 5.25km (3.3 miles) to Postwick is scheduled for completion in March 2018. It includes two more roundabouts (Salhouse Road and Plumstead Road) and bridges carrying the dual carriageway over the Norwich to Sheringham Railway and Plumstead Road. A further bridge carries Middle Road over Norwich NDR, which connects with the existing dual carriageway at the Business Park Roundabout, Postwick.

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