Public consultation opens on plans for new roundabout on the A140 between Norwich and Ipswich

01 March 2018

The Department for Transport awarded the County Council £3.05m towards the £4.36m cost of creating the roundabout last October.  Local funding is in now in place for the rest of the cost and once completed, the new four-arm roundabout should reduce journey times, ease traffic congestion and improve road safety.

People who use the current junction often experience queuing and long delays, particularly on the B1527 to Hempnall.  The existing junction, known locally as Hempnall crossroads, also has a poor accident record, with 10 accidents in the last five years which resulted in 13 casualties and two categorised as serious.  These were linked to traffic turning in and out of the side road junctions with A140 and the replacement roundabout will eliminate this issue and should therefore significantly improve the safety of the junction.

Martin Wilby, Chairman of Norfolk County Council’s Environment, Development and Transport Committee, said:  “This is an important improvement that will make a big difference to the daily lives of many people who live in the area.  The response since we announced our intention to replace the current junction with a roundabout has been very positive but we now have a design that we can share and would really welcome people’s views.”

The County Council is proposing to build the new roundabout to the west of the A140 and the current junction, which should help to minimise disruption while construction is underway.

Alison Thomas, who has represented Hempnall as part of Long Stratton division on Norfolk County Council for the last nine years, said:  “It’s been an encouraging few months for people living off the A140 in south Norfolk.  After winning funding for this roundabout to replace the Hempnall crossroads, we’ve recently had the news about the submission of a planning application that includes creating a bypass for Long Stratton.

“I have been campaigning for these improvements for many years, so it’s great to see progress being made on both of them.  I know there’s a lot of interest in these projects so I hope people take the opportunity to find out more about the new roundabout and give us their feedback through the consultation.  We’re particularly keen to hear about any local information, issues or concerns that may help us improve and finalise our plans.”

The County Council is currently constructing another roundabout in south Norfolk, on the A146 at Hales, replacing a junction with the worst accident record for a main road in the county.  Also made possible by a successful bid to the Department for Transport, the new roundabout is expected to be open by the end of April.

People can respond to the consultation on the proposed Hempnall roundabout by filling in a short questionnaire online at before midnight on Tuesday, 10 April when the consultation closes.  Subject to gaining planning permission, construction of the roundabout is expected to start no later than autumn 2019 and open by early summer 2020.

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