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Survey results put public transport on top

16 October 2018

Results from the Transport for Norwich strategy review survey show that the top priority for people in the area is investment in public transport.

Nearly 90 per cent of those who took part rated it as “important” or “very important” while 52 per cent included it in their overall top three priorities.

The second priority identified was putting in place measures to tackle congestion, which came in just behind, with 87 per cent rating it as “important” or “very important” and 47 per cent putting it in their top three priorities.

More than 1,500 people took part in the survey, which ran between January and March this year.

Councillor Martin Wilby, Norfolk County Council’s chair of Environment, Development and Transport committee, says:  “We had a great response to the survey, which has given us a clear message that people want to see improvements to public transport.

“This has coincided with news that we’ve been shortlisted for Transforming Cities, which gives us the chance to receive significant investment for a new integrated network.  Strategically, this is a perfect fit and better public transport will also tackle the second priority by helping reduce congestion caused through private journeys.

“Our efforts now will concentrate on working with colleagues and partners to secure a good package of funding for Greater Norwich and making sure our strategy is updated to reflect the full range of priorities identified through the survey.”

Other issues that ranked among the top five areas were maintaining existing infrastructure, reducing the impact transport has on air quality and encouraging people to walk and cycle.

The next phase of the TfN strategy review project will involve working with the Greater Norwich authorities and local stakeholders to develop a revised strategy and implementation plan which addresses the issues and priorities identified from the initial consultation.

A second phase consultation on the detail of the strategy is then due to take place in spring 2020.

Updates on progress of the project will be available at

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