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More than 1,000 people have say on childhood service

05 November 2018

More than 1,000 people have commented so far on the County Council’s plans for an early childhood and family service.

People have until Monday 12 November to comment on Council proposals to bring services out of the current children’s centre buildings and into the community, to the children and families who need them most.  Full details are available at

Councillor Stuart Dark, chairman of the Children’s Services committee, said:  “We’ve staged a number of events so that people can find out more about our plans to get the right help to children and families as early as possible and create services that are fit for today’s families.

“By spending our money on frontline services, rather than buildings, we’ll be able to provide more focused one-to-one and group support, with a more consistent service across the county.”

The current contracts for children’s centres were originally awarded in 2011 and come to an end next year.  The Council wants to use this opportunity to create a new service that is consistent across the county and meets the needs of today’s families.

In developing the suggested model, the County Council has explored what works elsewhere in the country and wants to use this learning to shape future services that meet the needs of families in Norfolk.

It includes proposals for a base in each district of the county, in one of the county’s current children’s centres.

This base will be a touch-down space for staff working out in the community, as well as provide some space to deliver activities for families in need.

The Council also wants to look at how any buildings that are no longer designated as children’s centres can continue to be used for children and families, and wants to hear directly from communities and organisations about their ideas for these buildings.

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