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Hazardous waste events across Norfolk in September and October

13 August 2019

For the sixteenth year running, Norfolk's residents can get rid of unwanted household chemicals, safely and securely, at a series of household hazardous waste events at seven of Norfolk County Council's recycling centres this September and October.

Waste is hazardous if it can cause harm to humans or the environment.  This type of waste is not normally accepted at recycling centres as it needs to be dealt with by specialist waste disposal contractors.  The annual events give people an opportunity to safely dispose of their hazardous waste such as wood preservatives, insecticides, weed killers, paint, thinners, varnishes and special cleaning products.

Cllr Andy Grant, Norfolk County Council Cabinet Member for Environment & Waste, said: “We all need to dispose of hazardous waste very carefully so this is why we offer these free events across the county each year to help people get rid of a range of hazardous items safely and responsibly.”

“Leftover paint is the number one item brought to our annual events.  But I’d always urge people to save a car journey by following one of our top tips – firstly to plan any DIY job very carefully to cut the amount of paint left over. And if you can’t use up that little bit of leftover paint, or give it away, remember to dry it out and you can then put the tin in your kerbside rubbish bin.”

Janice Coglin-Hibbert, Waste Reduction Officer at Norfolk County Council, said:  “These are very popular events so you are likely to find queues to enter the recycling centre, especially up until lunchtime.  The sites are open until 5pm in September and 4pm in October so please come later in the day if possible.”

To help with this identification and sorting people are urged to:

  • Keep containers clearly labelled where possible
  • Keep all products in their original containers and not mix them together
  • Make sure that the products are properly sealed to avoid leakage

To find out more about the events including what can and can’t be taken along, visit:

Further information

Great Yarmouth based specialist contractor ASCO are delivering the hazardous waste events on behalf of Norfolk County Council.  For more information about ASCO visit

Dates, times and locations of the hazardous household waste events:

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