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Life-saving defibrillators for all Norfolk’s recycling centres

03 September 2019

Every one of Norfolk’s 20 recycling centres now has a newly installed defibrillator on site for the very first time. The life-saving equipment will benefit local communities and all the people and staff on the busy sites right across the county.

Cllr Andy Grant, Norfolk County Council Cabinet Member for Environment & Waste, said: “I’m very proud that this life-saving equipment is not only set to benefit people using our recycling centres, also those that live and work nearby, as these 20 new machines will greatly increase the number in the county and bring defibrillators to areas that have not had one until now.”

The East Anglian Air Ambulance is the current chosen charity for the 11 reuse shops at Norfolk's recycling centres. Patrick Peal, CEO of the East Anglian Air Ambulance, said: “We now attend more cardiac arrests than any other type of emergency, but often our team gets there too late to make a difference. The people that stand the best chance of survival are those that have CPR and a shock from a defibrillator within minutes of their heart stopping.

"Having 20 more defibrillators available in Norfolk at these centres is a brilliant initiative that will – without a doubt – help to save lives. We’re very proud to be the benefitting charity of the reuse shops and congratulate Norfolk County Council on installing these life-saving pieces of kit.”

The purchase of the defibrillators was approved by county councillors in November 2018* and saw the first one put in place at the Mile Cross recycling centre in Norwich in April this year. The work is now complete after the last machine was fitted at Strumpshaw recycling centre last week.

All the defibrillators are registered with the ambulance service and site staff have been trained to use them in emergency situations.

Dave Newell, Operations Director, NEWS, said: “This is a welcome, additional safety measure which we have been very keen to support. We already have staff in place at all 19 of the recycling centres we operate trained to use the defibrillators which can prove vital in saving someone’s life, should an incident occur.”

Steve Longdon, Regional Director for FCC Environment, which operates the Mile Cross recycling centre, said: "Recycling Centres can be busy places so keeping visitors safe is one of our primary objectives. The addition of the defibrillators to our core equipment will allow us to react promptly when needed and we are delighted to have them onsite.”

Norfolk County Council has a network of 20 recycling centres, which are operated by contractors on the county council's behalf. Nineteen are operated by Norse, with the recycling centre at Mile Cross operated by FCC Environment.

*The installation was approved by councillors at a meeting of the Environment, Development and Transport committee on 9 November 2018.

The cost of the defibrillators is being funded through existing recycling centre budgets.

People can find their local recycling centre at

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