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Six-week consultation opens on possible minerals sites across Norfolk

18 September 2019

The next step in the process to update Norfolk’s Minerals and Waste Local Plan is getting underway as a six-week consultation opens to the public today, Wednesday 18 September 2019. All parts of the country must have these plans in place and review them every five years to keep up to date and in line with local and national planning policies.

The plans being consulted on include proposals for sites where minerals, essential for building, industry and transport, could be extracted. Once this process to update Norfolk’s Minerals and Waste Local Plan is complete there will be a number of sites across the county that are deemed suitable for mineral extraction. However, before any quarrying takes place a planning application would have to be made and approved for each site.

Having allocated sites in place helps to ensure planning applications for mineral extraction come forward for the best locations from available sites that have been through a long selection process. This consultation focuses on minerals extraction sites only as no new waste management sites are currently required, but some policies relating to the location and design of waste management sites are contained in the plan.

Cllr Andy Grant, Norfolk County Council Cabinet Member for Environment and Waste, said: “I encourage anyone who is interested to carefully read the consultation documents, and make their comments known, all of which can be done online.

“This is the second round of consultation in this process to update our Minerals and Waste Local Plan. Following feedback we received in the first round of consultation a number of changes to the draft Minerals and Waste Local Plan document were made, including the removal of sites in the parishes of Holt, Feltwell, Quidenham, Shouldham and Marham and reducing the size of the proposed area of search at Shouldham and Marham.”

There are two public consultation stages and then a formal representations period before the plan is submitted to the Secretary of State for examination.

The first public consultation stage, called the ‘Initial Consultation’ took place in summer 2018. The responses received have been considered in the production of the second public consultation document, the ‘Preferred Options’. This is the document that stakeholders, including parish councils and the public are now being encouraged to give their feedback on.

Find out more information and take part in the consultation here:

The Norfolk Core Strategy and Minerals and Waste Development Management Plan was adopted by Norfolk County Council in 2011. The Norfolk Minerals and Waste Site Specific Allocations plans were adopted in 2013, while the Mineral Site-Specific Allocations plan was updated in 2017 only with regards to silica sand. These adopted plans cover the period to 2026.

As the Core Strategy was adopted over five years ago, a joint update of the three plans is being carried out to ensure that the policies within them remain up to date, to extend the plan period to 2036 and to consolidate the three plans into one Norfolk Minerals and Waste Local Plan.

Timetable for the statutory process to update Norfolk’s Minerals and Waste Local Plan

  • Local plan consultation - Initial consultation July/August 2018 / Preferred options consultation starts September 2019
  • Formal representations period before the plan is submitted to the Secretary of State for examination - May/June 2020
  • Submission of plan to the Secretary of State - September 2020
  • Hearing commencement - January 2021 
  • Inspector’s report - July 2021
  • Adoption - September 2021

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