Futureproof broadband coming to Norwich

02 October 2019

Some of the fastest, most reliable broadband services in the UK are heading to Norwich, after the city was named amongst 29 new locations to benefit from Openreach’s nationwide investment programme.

Work to build new future-proof Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) technology, where fibre is laid all the way from the exchange to people’s front doors, is set to get underway within the next 12 months, once engineers have carried out detailed planning and survey work.

The upgrades will complement the ongoing broadband upgrades across the county by the Better Broadband for Norfolk programme, a partnership between Norfolk County Council, UK Government and Openreach.

The new network in Norwich will benefit both residents and businesses. The technology gives users the ability to use and manage multiple bandwidth hungry devices at the same; from TV’s to fridges to central heating, lighting and security cameras, helping people to run their homes more efficiently.

Businesses can also benefit from cloud-based services, making efficiency improvements and cost savings through improved online sales and marketing and better online ordering and invoicing systems. Video conferencing and the ability to access company systems remotely enables more businesses to offer flexible and homeworking options for employees which can save money, reduce carbon footprints and improve work/life balance.

Full fibre or ultrafast broadband provides more reliable, resilient and future-proof connectivity; fewer faults; more predictable, consistent speeds and the ability to upgrade easily to meet the demands of future technology.

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