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New bike share scheme launched

16 March 2020

Last year, Transport for Norwich announced a new partnership with Beryl Bikes as part of a series of projects funded through the central government’s Transforming Cities Fund.

The bikes are now available to hire with an initial rollout of 225 pedal bikes, before 465 bikes will become available along with the launch of E-bikes later in the year. Bikes will be available to pick up and drop off at an initial 47 Beryl Bays increasing to over 70 being installed across the city, supporting residents and visitors who want a greener mode of transport throughout the city.

Cycling is already a popular mode of transport in Norwich with data from the Walking and Cycling Statistics, England: 2016, showing 11.2% of adults already cycle for travel at least three times per week and the city ranks 7th in England behind Oxford and Cambridge. Norwich has seven colour-coded cycle routes – totalling 58 miles – known as Pedalways. Five of these radiate out from the city centre and two more form an inner and outer circuit around the city. Together with local routes, these offer a comprehensive cycle network.

Anyone over 16 can hire a Beryl Bike through the Beryl app, available for free download on the App Store for iOS, and the Google Play Store for Android users. The bikes can be picked up and dropped off in marked ‘Beryl Bays’ that have been selected and approved in conjunction with local authority partners, to ensure the scheme is in line with the needs of the community.

The new bike share scheme will even include the use of planters and parklets - which are small landscaped areas with seating and planting which will contribute to the greening of the city and create a more enjoyable outdoor space for the whole community to enjoy, not only Beryl Bike riders.

With the aim of encouraging a shift from car to bicycle use, a number of bays will also repurpose existing on-street car parking.

Key locations for Tier one parklets include St Benedict’s Street, Gloucester Street, Unthank Road, and Upper St Giles Street. Tier two bays will feature planters. Tier three bays are steel cycle parking stands, installed by the Beryl team across the city. After enjoying a trip, riders will tether the Beryl Bike in one of these 70 designated locations ready for the next rider to pick up.

Councillor Martin Wilby, Norfolk County Council’s Cabinet Member for Highways and Infrastructure and chair of the Transforming Cities Joint Committee, says: “Norwich is already one of the country’s leading cycling cities. This scheme will allow us to build on that by offering people more flexibility and choice around sustainable transport options, which ultimately helps us to reduce congestion and emissions while staying active and healthy in our day-to-day lives.

“We’ve already seen a 40% uplift in cycling through the infrastructure we have delivered to date and will look to grow this further should we be successful in the next round of transforming cities funding.”

Beryl CEO Phillip Ellis, said, “We hope that by bringing our innovative scheme to the area, which will have both pedal and electric-assisted bicycles, it will have a positive effect on the environment in Norwich and encourage more people to use the excellent existing cycling infrastructure that Norwich already has in place. Our aim is to encourage more people to change their habits by using greener modes of transport for shorter journeys”.

The British urban cycling brand has quickly grown from providing safety-driven technology to bike share schemes around the world to implementing its cutting edge technologies in its own bike share schemes. Beryl’s hybrid services are operating across the United Kingdom in London, Bournemouth, Hereford, Watford and now Norwich. The next scheme to launch will be in New York.

Pricing for standard pedal bikes is as follows:

Riders will have a payment choice of Pay-As-You-Ride (£1 unlock fee + 5p per minute), Minute Bundles (no unlock fee and bundles starting at 100 minutes for £5) or Day Passes (24 hours of unlimited riding for £12). Once their ride is complete, riders simply close the lock on the bike to complete their ride & tether the bike to their closest Beryl Bay to make it available for the next person to use. Trips ending outside of a Beryl Bay will be charged a £5 fee to encourage responsible parking. Beryl will be working with local community groups to ensure the scheme is widely accessible. They have also allocated funding to support lower-income residents in using the scheme, and are keen to hear from local organisations that can assist in reaching those who could best benefit from access.

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