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Proposed waste contract would cut carbon and save £2m each year

26 June 2020

£2m and 47,000 tonnes of carbon could be saved each year, if the County Council backs a new waste disposal contract.

Cabinet is set to approve a six-year, £102m deal with Veolia, which would deal with around 180,000 tonnes of waste each year.

Councillor Andy Grant, cabinet member for environment and waste, said: “This deal is a win-win for taxpayers and the environment – saving £2m and 47,000 tonnes of carbon per year, by avoiding the need to dump waste in landfill sites.”

If a contract is awarded it would mean:

  • Zero waste from Norfolk residents would be sent directly to landfill
  • All of Norfolk’s left-over waste would be used to generate energy in the UK
  • More recycling, with metals and aggregate recovered from the used fuel
  • 47,000 tonnes of carbon emissions saved every year or over a quarter of a million tonnes of carbon emissions saved over the six years of the contract compared to sending the waste to landfill
  • Savings of over £2m a year based on current costs.

The report says: “The new contract would deliver additional recycling, provide a service based on zero waste direct to landfill, deliver improved value for money and savings of £2m a year, and achieve significant carbon savings compared to landfill by using rubbish as a fuel in incinerators to generate energy within the United Kingdom.”

If the contract is approved, the waste would go to an energy-from-waste incinerator at Kemsley in Kent, before a new site is opened in Stewartby in Bedfordshire in late 2021.

If cabinet approves the deal, the view of the full County Council would also be considered before award of the contract, as the value is above £100m.

Cabinet will discuss the report at its virtual, online meeting at 10am on Monday, 6 July. The reports, plus a link from the agenda to the meeting, are available online.

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