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12 ways to swap2save - new campaign aims to cut single use product waste

22 March 2021

A campaign launching today, Monday 22 March, is set to help drive down single-use product and plastic waste by calling on people to swap2save.  By making small everyday changes, like swapping a take-away drink in a plastic bottle for a reusable and refillable water bottle, people will be able to save their money and cut waste.

The single-use items targeted by the campaign lead to 30,000 tonnes of waste annually in Norfolk, costing £3.47million to dispose of every year.

Cllr Andy Grant, Norfolk County Council cabinet member for environment and waste, said: “We know what a huge burden single-use plastics and products place on the planet.  With a global problem it can seem tough to know where to start to help make things better.  This clever new campaign the team have devised will hopefully help us to think about some of the few small choices we make every day that cumulatively have the chance to make a really big difference.

“Before covid hit last year we were already trialling some new ideas at County Hall, and just by switching to reusable cups we were immediately able to cut the number of single-use cups we used from more than 110,000 a year, to almost zero.

“Look out for the campaign on social media from today, with a new idea coming every week. How many swaps can you make?”

Over the coming weeks the campaign will highlight some simple swaps people can make to cut waste.  Ideas include swapping disposable razors for a bamboo or stainless one with replaceable blades, switching from disposable wet wipes or cotton wool pads to a washable cotton flannel, or for a snack swapping crisps in a plastic packet for popcorn popped at home.

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Further information

Approximately 14.28% of household waste in Norfolk is made up of the single-use products which the swap2save campaign is aiming to reduce. This figure does not include some other single-use products found in household waste such as drinks cans, although the campaign may have a positive impact on this too.

The 12 single-use products the campaign will be suggesting swap2save ideas for:

  1. Water bottles
  2. Sandwich packaging
  3. Wet wipes and cotton wool pads
  4. Throw-away coffee cups
  5. Plastic plant pots
  6. Disposable facemasks
  7. Crisp packets
  8. Sanitary products
  9. Nappies
  10. Disposable razors
  11. Clingfilm
  12. Balloons and sky lanterns

The campaign has stemmed from the work of the cross party Single Use Products Working Group, which was set up in 2018 in response to a motion, brought by Cllr Sandra Squire, and agreed at Full Council.  The group was established by the then Environment, Development & Transport Committee to make recommendations on a balloon and lantern charter and in relation to single use products and plastics.

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