Bus operators back Norfolk’s IChoose campaign

19 July 2021

As many national retailers are urging customers to continue to wear face coverings in their shops, Norfolk’s bus operators are today calling on people to do the same when on public transport.

In a joint statement Norfolk’s bus operators said:

“We are backing Norfolk’s IChoose campaign to help support people to travel with confidence.

“On our buses we’ll still be doing lots to help keep people safe - including enhanced cleaning, open windows for better ventilation, and cab screens for our drivers.

“We’re encouraging people to follow national guidance and asking those who can, to wear a face covering on board.

“Please keep taking precautions to help protect yourselves and others and to keep safe. We’re making these choices to protect others, and we hope you will do the same.”

COVID-19 cases are rising across Norfolk, so county leaders are urging people not to drop their guard after some legal restrictions end on Monday. The new IChoose campaign aims to encourage people to maintain measures that will help keep people safe.

County council leader, Councillor Andrew Proctor, said: “I welcome the support of Norfolk’s bus operators for the IChoose campaign. As we are currently seeing a rise in cases in Norfolk this is not a time to drop our guard. By each of us choosing to take precautions we can help to protect ourselves and each other.”

The council’s advice is:

  • Continue familiar prevention behaviours such as hand washing and wearing a face covering in public indoor spaces
  • Continue to meet outdoors where possible and ensure indoor places are well ventilated
  • Carry out symptom-free testing two times per week, including for secondary school aged children. Free test kits are available from libraries and pharmacies

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